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Eddie Price Introduces An Unlikely Trio

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Eddie Price introduces a new book and a new character to his list of historic portrayals and programs. Price will begin in August of 2017 presenting a first person portrayal of  Jockey Roscoe Tarleton Goose. Goose won the 1913 Kentucky Derby with odds of 91:1 a record that experts say will probably never be broken.

Goose who was teased while growing up for his small size found his calling with horses. A natural horseman, he turned that interest and knowledge into a lucrative career as a jockey. Riding the Kentucky bred horse Donerail , Goose felt the horse had untapped speed and persuaded owner, breeder and trainer Thomas Patrick Hayes to run the horse in the 1913 derby.


The book will be available in early August and can be ordered through Amazon.com. Or  for a signed copy from the author contact Mr. Price directly.

Check the schedule for times and location’s of his new portrayal of Roscoe Goose.


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